Manuelli Group is a boutique, full service, property firm based in London. Manuelli Group, via its Manuelli Group Estates Private Office (MEPO) assists its clients with comprehensive management of residential, commercial and retail property to ensure clients gain the most significant return on investment.

Property Management

We offer a full service portfolio dedicated to helping you meet all your property needs under one roof, including:

  • Securing occupancy during void periods or securing a long term tenancy
  • Tenancy renewals and tenancy agreement drafting
  • Block and estate management
  • End to end management of buy-to-let investments
  • Regular property visits & inspection
  • Interaction with tenants & authorities
  • Enforcement of building rules, leases & covenants
  • Energy and gas certification management
  • Contractual Arrangement and Contract Drafting Services
  • Floorplan creation and Surveying
  • Photo for renting or selling your property

Block and Retail Mgmt

We perform detailed inspections of your property monthly, or a time period of your choosing

  • Provide reports after each visit on the status of your buildings, grounds and services
  • Deal with individual resident’s questions and maintain clear communication channels
  • Plan for the cost of future repairs and renewals
  • Provide sustainability advice and options for the future
  • Provide a detailed management report in advance for every client meeting, detailing the finances and a range of management subjects currently being addressed of recently completed


We provide Management Services, including Maintenance works in the property, such as:

  • Regular property visits & inspection
  • Interaction with tenants & authorities
  • Enforcement of building rules, leases & covenants
  • Energy management
  • Lease administration
  • Expense Management
  • Insurance administration
  • Contractual Arrangement and Contract Drafting Services

Tradesmen Services

We provide local contacts for any problem you might have, as anyone who lives in London knows, it is often difficult to find cost-effective tradesmen who carry out work to a high standard and turn up when they say they will. Among our in-house tradesmen, we offer service to local residents via our Handyman Scheme for:

  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Decorators
  • Gas Certificate Engineers
  • Architects and Engineers
  • Waste removal

Floorplan & Surveying

We provide detailed surveyings and floorplan creation. The quality of the work is important during the process of selling or letting your property and to achieve the best return. In specific:

  • AutoCad © for floorplan creation
  • Architects and Surveyors
  • Photographers

Legal and Contracts

We work in partnership with Law Firms and Professionals to provide a one stop shop to its clients. Such as:

  • New technology Blockchain Contracts
  • BTL and Residential documentation
  • Contractual Lease documentation drafting and negotiation
  • Purchase of freeholder right consultancy
  • Rent arrears and Section 21 documentation

Why us?

We got the tools

Manuelli Group has the knowledge and expertise in the local market to help you throughout the process.


Manuelli Group and its partners have more then 10 years of experience in the market, across multiple services.

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